Åpen hall – Fredagar 🏀🏀🏀

For some years now, we have had the opportunity to offer our members and non, the possibility to come to Eikhallen and play basketball on own terms on Friday evenings.

Åpen hall is FREE OF CHARGE for all of our TNT members and Åpen Hall times are already posted in your team’s calendar.

This coming week, we will be adding an extra step for non TNT members.

For everyone else who would like to use the Open hall offer and IS NOT A TNT MEMBER, the cost is 127kr (one time payment /year), which is something that was implemented when we first started with this offer. For payment, you can use VIPPS @ 70547.

The extra step is the necessity to join the Åpen Hall Friday group in Spond, so we can keep you ajourned about updates and changes.

The link in Spond.

This will be implemented starting this coming Friday, so if you want to use the offer and you are NOT a TNT member the 2 steps must be complied. 🏀