TNT Towers Basketball: Youth basketball’s march forward

Very exciting times await TNT Towers and some of the youth teams in the coming future.

Several of TNT’s youth teams have been invited to some of the biggest international youth tournaments of the year. Invitation sent to a select few teams that have impressed at last year’s events or current season’s results.

At the end of March, our G2009 team led by Petter Fredheim – Korneliussen, Haukur Sigurdsson and Ivar Berg Ørstavik will represent TNT’s colors in the Scania Cup. The Scania Cup has been arranged since 1981 and is a version of the Nordic Club Championship for youth teams.

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Then it’s time for two other TNT teams, G2010 and G2011, to show off in international waters.

In June, the two teams will take a trip to neighboring Denmark and participate in the Copenhagen Invitational. The tournament is an exclusive basketball tournament that focuses on developing national talent in the categories U13 – U15.

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At the same time, we have noticed an increase in the last two months where more children have started playing basketball recently, especially in the 2014-2015 group. We don’t know for sure what this is due to, but it is probably safe to say that all of our coaches have contributed to something positive and extraordinary in the development of our players. Without them this would not have been possible!