NM Round 2 Recap

J16: A 1st time experience in NM för our J16 team ended this past weekend after 2 losses but also many indications of growth. The team was represented by 8 girls who left everything on the floor, every time they stepped on the floor. Last half of the last game on Saturday showed plenty of team – and unselfish plays which is the best kind of foundation to build on for the future.

G19: The boys on the other hand, had a 1st close game vs Sandvika on Friday, which was decided in the last minutes. Final score: 79 – 68. 

Game 2 on Saturday had them face of with a tough Böler team, in which G19 competed for the 1st half of the game but they Böler took charge of the game. Final Result: 123-77.

Yesterday’s game 3 was a must win game for both teams involved. TNT was in control of the game until the last minute where Skien was better at keeping it cool and made he right choices at the finish line. Tough and unwanted ending for G19 boys in their NM adventure this year.

All in all, despite the sense of dissapointment that some of our players might feel..the club and other standbyers, as well, cannot be more proud of how they have represented themselves individually and together as a team. 🔝🙌🏀

We can’t wait to see what other experiences await all of our future stars and what kind of impact they will leave on this beautiful game of basketball. 🔥⭐️